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Block chat for spam

My name in the game is xNatsuU and last night I was talking to a SilentWind chat player and [WA] Enfiexx Gm gave me the block chat for spam 719 hours, gave me pm and I told him why I took 719 hours because I have no way to spam chat when there is a period of 15 seconds and he told me if I should respond to the chat block, I will be permanently banned. I know that [WA] Enfiexx abused the command and gave me a blocking chat when nothing can be done without the rules. I want get me out block chat . Have a beautifoul day
Hi, we already have the actual screens
it is not abuse if you have spammed in calls "also offending". I remember that a blockchat or ban cannot be contested as it consists in the "ban" penalty. If you want to clarify, talk privately with those who blocked the chat.
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